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  Residential Commercial Industry

Property Interest Single Terrace Shop House Factory
  Double Storey Terrace Shop Office Workshop
  Semi-D Kiosk / Stall Industrial Lot
  Bungalow Retail Space 
  Apartment / Condominium Office Space 
  Bungalow Lot  
  Country House  
 Others / Remarks
Location Bandar Indera Mahkota Gebeng Tanjung Lumpur
  Chendor Balok 
 Others *Please specify
Tenancy Status Own RentRental Rate
Price Range Below RM100,000.00 RM101,000.00 - RM150,000.00 
  RM200,000 - RM500,000.00 RM500,000.00 Above 
How do you know about our product? Exhibition / Expo TV Ads / Radio Newspaper
  Friend WebsiteOthers
Type of loan Government Bank Cash
Monthly Income Below RM1,000.00 RM1,000.00 - RM1,500.00 
  RM1,501.00 - RM1,999.00 RM2,000.00 - RM2,500.00 
  RM2,501.00 - RM2,999.00 RM3,000.00 Above 

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